Anna’s Laboratory

This is my Laboratory!

This is where I posted 100% of my Logic, Math, and Science while I went through my Research. Everything here steps away from Philosophy and Story and dives deep into Scientific Method.

If you are seeking the Logic, Math, Physics and Science behind Triadic Healing it is all here.

Not much is posted here anymore, but The Laboratory is where I organized all of my research to ensure it was in a logical, organized matter. It’s my “Archives” and “Hall of Records” … *laughing* I just realized… It’s my Library of Alexandria. The Science that was lost in the 4th Century. Scholars are going to have a blast dissecting my work here.

For those of you seeking Philosophy and/or wanting to dive deep into Metaphysics, the “Classroom” is where you will find everything you are looking for.

I documented 100% of my Journey through the 12 Ethics here in Real Time with Corresponding videos on YouTube, which serves as my Lab Journals. I’ve been documenting my Healing Journey and research live since 2014.

I don’t have much to say about the Archives. For me, this place holds sentimental value and represents the summation of my Life Work.

I spent nearly a year working exclusively within this lab. It is the space where I came to realize that I was and am a Scientist. It’s where I came to find and claim a vast part of myself.

These days, the Archives are silent. Like a whispering resting knowledge that sits retired on the shelves.

The most amazing thing I ever learned about Alexandria was what the Library of Alexandria actually was.

Alexandria valued knowledge and education so much that they had a law there.

100% of all Written Word was taken by the Alexandrian Guard. Grocery lists, scrolls, notes, love letters, War Orders, political agendas… you name it. NO Written Document was safe from retrieval.

The owner was handed a ticket and the Original Document was taken to Alexandria where the Scribes would compose a copy. If you wanted your document back, you had to go to the Library of Alexandria, turn in your ticket, and they would give you the copy. They kept the Original for the Library.

That Library was an Archive and a Hall of Records of every Original Document that passed through the World’s Largest Trading Port within the Silk Roads of the Roman Empire. Process that. The students and Philosophers of Alexandria would study the Sociology uncovered within those documents to study Human Behavior. World Capital of Knowledge. Highly Unethical as they valued Knowledge above all else, even the Ethics, which was their downfall.

Philosophers of Alexandria knew things that no one else knew about the Human Mind. This knowledge was priceless. And yes. Should a certain Roman Messenger carry the wrong War Order into Alexandria, which was then confiscated… The Library of Alexandria contained more evidence of War Strategy and Political Warfare than one rarely imagines.

One must ask, what was the Empire planning that would lead them to burn down all of Alexandria in the 4th Century?

On to The Playground!

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