It was on this day, 31 of December, 2023… that I realized I had three people, myself included, who were attempting to keep track of all of my “One-Liners.” And I thought, why don’t I just publish these on my website?

In almost every conversation, someone says, “Wow! That’s going on a shirt!”

And they will. I am in the process of building my store where you can buy coffee mugs, t-shirts, magnets, and bags with my uber-aweseome one-liners! So excited!

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All rights are protected by Angela B. Chrysler. (AKA Anna Imagination)

“In words, there is truth.”

“Get the fuck out of my story!”

“This is the Juice!”

“Psychology is the manual, Guide, and Handbook on your Mental System… So why the fuck isn’t it made accessible to everyone including children?”

“Philosophy is the Mastery of All Interdisciplinarian Studies. And it does this using Wisdom Love at its core.”

“Spock is Highly Illogical.”

“Don’t crinkle your father”

“Are you philosophizing your identity or trying to eat dinner?”

“That is a good question! Let me get you that answer!”

“ next time try shaving your legs” 

WOW! Fucking abusive

You handled this BEAUTIFULLY!!!

I need sleep

You and your cackles


You do not have the time or the energy to gift them with you.

You are protecting YOU

You need to excuse yourself if it’s triggering


Giving birth to you is NOT a FREE PASS to treat you like shit!

lol Cats!

The disbelief is common. DON’T cut your hair.

I hate LATE meetings 🙁

I love garlic.

Use this time to nurture and pamper yourself.


She projects her “SURVIVE!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!” onto everyone

You don’t get to tell me to not worry.

Accept it. Soothe yourself. You are safe.

Do not normalize this.

You need comfort. Not psyche work.

I would say to them, “I don’t talk to that pedophile or rapist. Thank you.”

Calm yourself and then tell him FUCK OFF

Manifest that shit 

Cool beans



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