Alexandria Curriculum

Introduction to Alexandria


Who + What + Where + When + Why = How

Want [(Qualities + Do + Become) + (Qualities + Value + Purpose) + (Love + Joy)] + Choice (Who + What + Where + When + Why = How) + Learn + Solve+ Do


Reverse Engineer

“From the Dream Down”


Cartesian Coordinate System (Point of Origin + X-Axis + Y-Axis)

Chain Reaction = Story


Catalyst (Choice) +> 1st Generation Consequence

Want = Y-Axis (Setting your Destination) or (Choosing your Destiny)

“Enter it into the GPS”

Where do you want to go in life.


(Fear of the Unknown IS A Lack Education THUS, you NEED to Learn + Solve)

Visibility Problem


(Who + What + Where + When + Why = How)

Learn + Solve (Preparations and Plan)


We are so uneducated, that we don’t even know that “Fear of the Unknown” is a lack of Education (that is why it is an unknown). we are so uneducated that we don’t even know that the solution to “Fear of the Unknown” is LEARNING. That is how inadequate our educational system is. 


DIY Education

“Situation Triage”

What are my choices?

  • Do it (Because I know how)
  • Learn it
  • Find others who can do it for me

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”

Do (Trial and Error)


“I don’t know how to learn.”

“The other side of Education”

  • Learning (Input via Logic ([Defined Variables + Order of Operations + Catalyst to Consequence] and Story ([Foundation + Image + Emotional Experience (POV])
  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Transference of Information From Point A to Point B
  • Dependent upon the Quality of Connection (7th, 8th, 9th)
  • Open to Receive (2nd Ethical Stage)
  • Consensual Education (Choice <+ Authority + Power + Control)

Most people, when they learn, learn in the wrong order, backwards, and with missing parts… all told out of story.




Communication and Comprehension

Linguistics (Etymology: The Science of Word Definition and Evolution – The Purpose of Words and how Words are Made) +> Logic +> Math


How our society Cultivates vs. Mother Nature has given


  1. Art = Self-Expression (Defined Self)
  2. Communication = The Transference of Data from Point A to Point B (Linguistics (Foundation), Logic (Comprehension), Economics, Math (Shorthand))
  3. Science = Explorer / Pioneer = In pursuit of the Catalyst or the Origin
  4. Education = Integration of All = Education = Pursuit of Defined Knowledge for the sake of Advancing Mankind


What Role you desire:

  1. Foundational (Builder + Engineer + Construction + Laborer)
  2. Cultivator (Teach and Heal and Parents)
  3. Visionary (Idea Generators + Create Blue Prints – Inventor)
  4. Pioneer (Explorers, Discover)

What is your Purpose

What do you Value

What Value do you want for yourself (You have to CHOOSE your Value)

Do you want to be Passive in life or Active?

Passive happens “to” you


“Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about events. Great minds talk about ideas.” – Unknown


Nontraditional … Based on Plato and Scientific Method and “Natural Education and Learning”

The Learning Tree : You CHOOSE your position/role + Want + Dream + Value + Purpose ] + Which areas



Art + Communication (Mental Physics) + Sciences


Reviving Alexandria

Nontraditional Education based on Plato’s Curriculum from La Academia that was later used in Ancient Alexandria, and Scientific Method with “Natural Education and Learning” as Mother Nature intended us to learn.

AIDNS = Pre-Foundation of the “Learning Clock” or “The Philosopher’s Clock” … Philosopher’s Compass is a clock… I can see that now. It’s a clock within a clock within a clock

The Mathematical Formula for this is:

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